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The golden tip to slow down ageing!

Ageing is a natural process we all have to deal with, but what if we told you you could slow it down? It may sound too good to be true, but according to a recent article in the Belgian newspaper “Het Laatste Nieuws”, it is possible! The best advice from the doctor quoted in the article? A good bed! And that is why we would like to elaborate on it in this blog article.

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The dark side of sleeping pills: a revealing look

Every day, more than 1 million sleeping pills(!) cross pharmacy counters on average in Belgium. There are a lot of people taking sleep medication and that number does not seem to be decreasing. Therefore, the Belgian government is going to engage pharmacists to help patients phase out their sleep medication use. From today, a pilot project will start where pharmacists will guide you in phasing out your sleep medication. Your GP will have to give a prescription first, but after that, the pharmacist will take over. Why is it that sleep medications are still so popular in our country, even though we know they are bad for our health? However, there are a lot of reasons to avoid using sleeping pills as sleep aids. We are very happy to give you the most important ones!

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Why Does Alcohol Mess With My Sleep?

January: the month of one New Year’s reception after another. A glass of wine here, a nice fresh pint there. Was your diary packed too? If so, you might have noticed you weren’t sleeping as well. But why does alcohol make you sleep badly? “It makes me fall asleep nice and fast”, some people say. But is that really the case? Time to find out!

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The golden tip to keep your New Year’s resolutions this year!

We are almost a week into the new year. High time to check how those resolutions are going! Research shows that 40-50% of the entire world population makes good resolutions every year. But more than 80% fail within the first few days. We are very happy to give you the golden tip to make your resolutions succeed this year!

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Gift stress? Gift a good night’s sleep! Read our 5 tips here!

We are counting the days until Christmas. Time for family, cosiness, lots of food and … presents! Do you also suffer from gift stress every year? Then why not give a good night’s sleep as a present? No more socks for your father-in-law, bottle of perfume for your sister or toaster for your mother. This year, you will score with your gifts! Discover our 5 gift tips here. Thank us later!

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