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A better night’s sleep during winter

Gezellige winteravonden: die kennen we allemaal. Lekker op de bank onder een warme deken, liefst met een warme kop chocolademelk of thee. Voor velen zijn de winternachten echter minder gezellig. De koude kan zorgen voor problemen met inslapen, een verstoord slaapschema waardoor je vaak ligt te woelen en wakker ligt. Maar gelukkig kan je hier iets aan doen met onze 4 slaaptips!

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Goodmorning, every morning.

A healthy night’s sleep is a basic right for everyone. Sleeping well helps you wake up recharged. Every morning. Every day. Find out why we are so passionate about sleep comfort.

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Why do we dream?

In dreams, anything is possible: from winning Euromillions to hooking up with a handsome prince. So dreams are a lot of fun (except scary nightmares, of course)! But why do we have them? We found out for you! Especially for this World Dream Day.

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summer sleep tips

Sleep well on holiday: our golden tips

At last! The holiday season is just around the corner. For many people, holiday is all about sun, sea and relaxing. But did you know that more than half of the holidaymakers do not return from their trip well-rested? It’s only logical, you sleep in a different bed, in a different environment. That is why we have collected some sleeping tips. With these golden tips, you will sleep wonderfully when travelling!

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plants bedroom

Plants for health in the bedroom!

The merry month of May: the sun is shining and the plants and flowers are blooming beautifully! ! All hail spring! Plants are part of our inner being — not just outdoors, but indoors too. We are seeing this trend in the bedroom once again, too. A natural, very soothing appearance! But are plants in the bedroom as good for you as you think? Without a doubt! Let us explain why.

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