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Plants for health in the bedroom!

The merry month of May: the sun is shining and the plants and flowers are blooming beautifully! ! All hail spring! Plants are part of our inner being — not just outdoors, but indoors too. We are seeing this trend in the bedroom once again, too. A natural, very soothing appearance! But are plants in the bedroom as good for you as you think? Without a doubt! Let us explain why.

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The definitive bedroom trends of 2022: sustainable and ambient.

As the New York Fashion Week kicks off, fashion magazines will be brimming with all kinds of new trends! What will we see on this year’s catwalk?
More to the point, what will we see in our bedrooms? The bedroom is often overlooked when it comes to decor and design. After all, we sleep with our eyes shut so why bother to decorate? But in today’s hectic, pressured world, we could all do with a place to unwind in. A place that encapsulates tranquillity; where you feel good. So, we are delighted to recap the 2022 bedroom trends for you!

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