Velda donates 2 football fields full of new mattresses to charity.

The holidays are just over. There were so many Christmas lights glistening outside, it is cold and chilly. But inside … we all had a good time! It seems so obvious. But that is by no means the case for everyone. At Veldeman Bedding, we know that there are people who just scrapped by these holidays. That there are people who have not been able to put up a Christmas tree for years. Let alone be able to buy gifts for the whole family. That is why we have tried to make the holidays a little warmer for those people.

Sustainable and high-quality sleeping comfort for everyone

There’s a reason that the homepage of our website states: sustainable and high-quality sleeping comfort for everyone. These last two words took on a deeper meaning this past holiday season. As a manufacturer of mattresses, beds and box springs, we ensure a quality night’s sleep for thousands of people all over Europe and even beyond. We know all too well the positive effect a good night’s sleep has on your general health. Good sleep is a basic right! Unfortunately, we have to conclude that this is not possible for many people, even in our immediate environment.

During the past few weeks and those that will follow, we are therefore donating brand new mattresses to people who for some reason are not able to get a quality sleep every night. As a Belgian producer of sleeping comfort, we are happy to do our part to ensure that many people start 2022 with a good night’s sleep. Because after a great night’s sleep you can take on the whole world!

We went looking for local charities with concrete plans. At the end of December we donated brand new mattresses to Sint-Vincentius and Wonen Maasland. They will ensure that residents of social housing can enjoy the necessary sleeping comfort. For the next delivery we chose Solidaires de Barchon, Gembloux and Rhines. Refugees also deserve not only a warm, but also a good place to sleep.

In first week of January we then supplied 100 mattresses for Les Petits Riens from Liège. They will ensure that families affected by the floods in 2021 get their necessary rest at night again.

We never lose sight of the smallest among us either. We have supplied 25 mattresses to the Pelicano Foundation, which will effectively deliver them to children in Belgium who need them in 2022. They are busy every day in the fight against child poverty in Belgium. SOS Children’s Villages also informed us that they urgently needed mattresses for children in need. Sufficient and quality sleep is important, both for the physical and mental well-being of children.

This campaign warmed our hearts. As a family business, an authentic human approach is part of our DNA and is an essential part of our sustainability policy. That is why this is not a one-off deal, we are looking forward to building sustainable partnerships to continue this heart-warming story.


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