Sleep well on holiday: our golden tips

At last! The holiday season is just around the corner. For many people, holiday is all about sun, sea and relaxing. But did you know that more than half of the holidaymakers do not return from their trip well-rested? It’s only logical, you sleep in a different bed, in a different environment. That is why we have collected some sleeping tips. With these golden tips, you will sleep wonderfully when travelling!

summer sleep tips
  1. Leave relaxed!
    Busy, busier, busiest. There is still a lot to do before you can go on holiday: work has to be finished, the washing has to be done and all the suitcases still have to be packed. If you drive or fly to your holiday destination at night, you often arrive tired already. A disrupted sleep rhythm: not a good start to your holiday. Take enough time to leave in peace. And get your rest in time too when travelling. If you are physically rested when you arrive, your mind can relax on holiday and you will be much more rested when you get home. A good start is half the battle!
  2. Follow a fixed rhythm.
    One more drink on the terrace or dancing all night long: tempting! This does not mean that you should set your alarm clock early on holiday. However, it is best to keep similar times every day for getting up and going to bed. Keep the same habits. Do you always read a few pages or drink a glass of warm milk before going to bed? If so, do the same on holiday!
  3. Bring your own pillow.
    Hopefully you have some extra space in your suitcase! Your own pillow gives you a familiar feeling when you sleep in a strange place. A pillowcase or pyjamas that you have already worn before your departure will also make it easier to fall asleep.
  4. Make sure your room is cool.
    According to sleep experts, the best temperature for sleeping is 18 °C. On holiday we often tend to turn up the air conditioning nice and cold because of the warm temperatures outside. Be careful not to turn the air conditioning too cold! It will make you sleep worse and you also run the risk of waking up with a cold. Turn on the air conditioning for an hour before you go to sleep. That way, you’ll fall asleep quickly in a cool room.
  5. Lazy holiday? Keep moving too.
    On holiday, you are naturally a lot lazier than at home. Are you lying by the pool or the sea all day with a cocktail in your hand? No wonder you can’t sleep at night! Make sure you get a bit more exercise during the day by going for a walk or a swim. Try to plan something active every day so that you are more tired in the evening and can fall asleep quickly.
  6. Watch what you eat and drink!
    Have you been having trouble sleeping on holiday for a few days in a row? A stiff drink or tasty cocktail demands a lot from your body, and that’s at the expense of your sleep. Caffeine and fatty foods also have a negative impact on our sleep. It is best to avoid these products a few hours before you go to sleep.
  7. A snoring neighbour? Take earplugs with you!
    Are you having trouble sleeping because of the new sounds around you? Then don’t forget to take some earplugs with you. A simple solution to avoid the annoying sounds that can keep you awake.
summer sleep tips


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