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140 x 200/210 cm 160 x 200/210 cm 180 x 200/210 cm

Our box springs are always adjustable with a length up to 220cm.

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The Larvik set comes standard with this pocket spring mattress with HR comfort layer. Or do you opt for the upgrade with comfort layer in Visco or Latex foam?

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This pocket spring mattress with HR comfort layer consists of 280 springs/m² and 5 zones and is known for its firm sleeping comfort. You will find it in our Urban and Space collection.

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Material and color
Essential BEA
Essential PRD
Essential BF7
Essential BF4
Essential BF3
Essential USE
Essential USC
Essential USB
Essential USA
Essential PRE
Essential PRA
Essential BEH
Essential NEF
Essential NEE
Essential NEC
Essential NEB
Essential NEA
Essential NED
Essential BF0
Essential BEJ
Essential BEI
Essential BF9
Edge H: 92/110 cm, D: 12 cm
Twist H: 92/110 cm, D: 15 cm
Capiton H: 112 cm, D: 12 cm
Ultime H: 110 cm
Larvik naturel H: 10 cm * 7,5 x 7,5 cm
Larvik black H: 10 cm * 7,5 x 7,5 cm
Larvik alu H: 10 cm * 7,5 x 7,5 cm
Larvik brown H: 10 cm * 7,5 x 7,5 cm
Optic alu H: 10 cm * 13 x 13 cm

Technical information

Sleek and timeless design

Are you looking for a box spring that matches both contemporary and rustic styles? Look no further. With its timeless design, the Larvik will look great in any style of bedroom.

Quality sleeping comfort at a highly competitive price.

All materials in this set are of premier European quality, chosen to suit a tight budget.

Choose your configuration: flat or electrically adjustable.

Do you prefer a flat box spring consisting of two or three layers? Or will you opt for extra comfort with an electrically adjustable variant?

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