Did you know, that all our box springs can be personalized with various comforts, dimensions and finishing options?




160 x 200/210 cm 180 x 200/210 cm 200 x 200/210 cm

Our box springs are always adjustable with a length up to 220cm.
Material and color
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Front H: 83 cm * D: 6 cm
Flush H: 83 cm * D: 6 cm
Horizon H: 83 cm * D: 7 cm
Taper black H: 22 cm
Taper oak H: 22 cm
Wire black H: 22 cm

Technical information

Light yet sturdy design

With its extra sturdy frame in lacquered MDF, the Frame can withstand a few knocks.

Compatible with any flat or adjustable insert base.

The bed frame has a variable insert depth, making it compatible with any insert base.

Extensive choice of personalisation options!

The Frame collection offers an abundant choice of headboards, leg sets and accessories. Design your own Frame in an instant.

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