Did you know, that all our box springs can be personalized with various comforts, dimensions and finishing options?




140 x 190/200/210 cm 150 x 190/200/210 cm 160 x 190/200/210 cm 180 x 190/200/210 cm 200 x 190/200/210 cm


120 x 200/210 cm 140 x 200/210 cm


70 x 190/200/210 cm 75 x 190/200/210 cm 80 x 190/200/210 cm 90 x 190/200/210 cm 100 x 190/200/210 cm

image Finishing options

Mattress image

Versus Deco Mattress

The Versus set includes this mattress with pocket springs, deco fabric cover and HR comfort layer, as standard. It is made with 300 springs per m² and seven zones.

Discover Versus Deco Mattress
Toppers image

Topper Versus HR

The Versus set includes this HR foam mattress topper as standard.

Discover Topper Versus HR

vel_you Topper

This vel_you topper consists of 100% natural Talalay latex.

Discover vel_you Topper

Topper Versus latex

Upgrade your Larvik set with this topper in Latex foam.

Discover Topper Versus latex

Topper Versus Visco

Upgrade your Versus set with this topper in visco-foam.

Discover Topper Versus Visco

Topper Versus Feelfresh

Upgrade your Larvik set with this topper in Feelfresh foam.

Discover Topper Versus Feelfresh
Material and color
Icon BJA
Icon REB
Icon MLH
Icon PGF
Icon PGG
Icon PGJ
Icon PGK
Icon PGL
Icon REF
Icon MLF
Icon UB6
Icon UB7
Icon VPD
Icon VPA
Icon CRC
Icon CRE
Icon CRH
Icon MLG
Icon MLE
Icon BJF
Icon CHB
Icon BJB
Icon BJE
Icon BJC
Icon BJD
Icon BJH
Icon BJG
Icon CHA
Icon CHC
Icon CHD
Icon CHF
Icon FUF
Icon FUB
Icon FUE
Icon FUC
Icon CRI
Icon FUB
Icon FUA
Recto H: 92/110, D: 12 cm
Square H: 92/110, D: 12 cm
Flexion H: 92/110, D: 15 cm
Arch H: 97/115, D: 12 cm
Slender H: 92/102/112, D: 7 cm
Smart H: 112, D: 11 cm
Diamond H: 112, D: 11 cm
Nelson H: 135 cm, D: 12 cm
Versus wengé H: 15 cm
Versus alu H: 15 cm
Versus naturel H: 15 cm
Versus wengé H: 15 cm
Versus alu H: 10 cm
Versus wengé H: 10 cm
Versus naturel H: 10 cm
Versus wengé H: 10 cm
Corner wengé H: 10 cm
Corner naturel H: 10 cm
Corner alu H: 10 cm
Corner black H: 10 cm
Optic alu H: 10 cm * 13 x 13 cm
Vogue naturel H: 10 cm
Vogue wengé H: 10 cm
Vogue bronze H: 10 cm
Vogue naturel H: 15 cm
Vogue wengé H: 15 cm
Vogue bronze H: 15 cm
Passion alu H: 10 cm
Passion black H: 10 cm
Passion bronze H: 10 cm
Passion alu H: 15 cm
Passion black H: 15 cm
Passion bronze H: 15 cm
Ridge black H: 15 cm
Ridge black H: 10 cm
Ridge alu H: 15 cm
Ridge alu H: 10 cm
At additional cost
Recto H: 58/68 cm
Square H: 58/68 cm
Flexion H: 58/68 cm
Arch H: 63/73 cm
Slender H: 55/70 cm
Ic lamp

Accessories for the

Set 3C 2 RFM (Electric)
Secret Footstool

Optional leg set (cannot be combined with Corner feet). Per piece.

  • H 41 x B 41 x L 48 cm
Delux / LED Bedside Cabinet

Per piece

  • H 60 x B 40 x L 39 cm Available with feet in wengé, black, white oak and aluminium
USB Light

Per set, colour: black

  • LED lamp and USB connection
Box cover

  • Dimensions:140 x 190/200/210/220 cm
Reposa Seat

  • Dimensions: H 50 x D 43 x W 143 cm
  • Available in the same fabric as the box spring set.
Pouf Verso

Available in 3 sizes: M, L & XL

  • Mix & match these Verso poufs as a bedside table by your bed or as a handy seating element in your bedroom.

Technical information

Find relaxation with the electrically adjustable Versus.

Set your box spring in motion at the touch of a button. The back and legs are independently adjustable. Different relaxation positions can be programmed as an optional extra. The bed halves can be adjusted individually, or even synchronously – it's entirely up to you.

Extensive choice of personalisation options!

The Versus collection offers an abundant choice of headboards, leg sets and accessories. Design your own Versus in an instant.

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