Did you know, that all our box springs can be personalized with various comforts, dimensions and finishing options?




160 x 200/210 cm 180 x 200/210 cm 200 x 200/210 cm


140 x 200/210 cm


80 x 200/210 cm 90 x 200/210 cm 100 x 200/210 cm

image Finishing options

Mattress image

Deco Mattress vel_you

Your customisable, personal comfort year after year. With this vel_you deco mattress, you significantly extend the life of your mattress by exchanging components. This allows you to enjoy a constant level of comfort and save a lot of budget.

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Toppers image

vel_you Topper

This vel_you topper consists of 100% natural Talalay latex.

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Material and color
Sense - LFL
Sense - LCA
Sense - SLG
Sense - SLD
Sense - SLC
Sense - SLA
Sense - RNL
Sense - RNK
Sense - RNJ
Sense - RNH
Sense - OSG
Sense - OSF
Sense - LFJ
Sense - LFG
Sense - LCD
Sense - KR7
Sense - HUC
Sense - KR6
Sense - KR4
Sense - KR3
Sense - KR1
Sense - HUA
Sense - HUD
Sense - HUB
Sense - OSC
Sense - OSE
Sense - OSB
Sense - OSD
Sense - LFK
Sense - OSA
Sense - SLH
Vivace H: 90 cm, D: 7 cm
Vector H: 90 cm, D: 7 cm
Varius H: 90 cm, D: 7 cm
Live black H: 18 cm
Vigo alu H: 18cm
Vigo black H: 18 cm
Vigo natural H: 18 cm
Vigo brown H: 18 cm
Passion black H: 18 cm
Passion alu H: 18 cm

Technical information

Double comfort

Outstanding sleeping comfort with pocket springs in the box spring base. We put our patented poQQet springs in the mattress.

A circular way of life

Our approach is 100% circular rather than end-of-life, which is why we treat our products a little differently. During their lifetime, beds and mattresses can be adapted, improved and modulated as much as you want.

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