Did you know, that all our box springs can be personalized with various comforts, dimensions and finishing options?




70 x 200/210/220 cm 75 x 200/210/220 cm 80 x 200/210/220 cm 90 x 200/210/220 cm 100 x 200/210/220 cm


120 x 200/210/220 cm 140 x 200/210/220 cm


140 x 200/210/220 cm 150 x 200/210/220 cm 160 x 200/210/220 cm 180 x 200/210/220 cm 200 x 200/210/220 cm

Our box springs are always adjustable with a length up to 220cm.
Material and color
Omni - CHB
Omni - RTC
Omni - TMC
Omni - TMB
Omni - SHD
Omni - SHB
Omni - SHA
Omni - SCC
Omni - SCB
Omni - SCA
Omni - RTE
Omni - RTD
Omni - RTB
Omni - CHC
Omni - RTA
Omni - KR7
Omni - KR6
Omni - KR4
Omni - KR3
Omni - KR1
Omni - CRI
Omni - CRA
Omni - CHP
Omni - CHO
Omni - CHF
Omni - CHD
Omni - TMD
Omni - TMA
Omni - SHE
Omni - CHN
Feel H: 79 cm, D: 7 cm
Flair H: 79 cm, D: 7 cm
Finesse XL H: 86 cm, D: 6 cm
Finesse H: 82 cm, D: 6 cm
Finesse White H: 23cm
Finesse Alu H: 23cm
Finesse Warm Gray H: 23cm
Finesse Brown H: 23cm
Finesse Black
Ic lamp

Accessories for the

Set 4 RSM (Electric)
USB Light

Per set, colour: black

  • LED lamp and USB connection

Technical information

Quiet-as-a-whisper electrical functions

The linear motors are positioned out of sight. Plastic layers over the motors muffles the noise.

A triumph

This entire bed owes its character to metal: there are no hinges – only sturdy profiles. The Finesse is a triumph of stability and durability.

High-end metal finish

This Finesse is finished with a powder coating with a magnificent texture, instantly recognisable from its subtle gleam.


The Finesse is certified with the VIV label: Vertical Integrated Ventilation. This ventilation ensures a healthy sleeping climate

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