Our promise

As a family company, it’s in our DNA to take care of everyone, as well as the society in which we live. We believe that sustainable, innovative and high-quality sleeping comfort should be accessible and affordable for one and all. We make dreams come true. From the bottom of our heart. Promise!

As a genuine and tight-knit Belgian family company full of ambition...

we view a long-term investment in our future and planet as a must; this is what we focus on most – and have been doing since 1954. So we are very proud of our vision of sustainability. It is a vision that we put into effect through 3 pillars of thinking that typify our company and give it direction: Honest Care, Clear Impact and Conscious Product.

Through Honest Care, we as a family-run company put genuine values, investment in the next generation and wellbeing first. With Clear Impact, we focus on being CO2-neutral and optimising the production process. From the pillar of Conscious Product, we develop affordable, high-quality products that offer each and every one of us the best possible night’s rest as part of a circular story.

Honest care

Good health is our greatest asset. That is why we are committed to human welfare and wellbeing – for our customers, of course, but also for the people we work with – because our people make us unique. And it is precisely this authentic, personal touch that is something of an obsession in our policy on sustainability. People make our company grow, they enable us to think in the long term and it is for them that we have been guaranteeing revolutionary sleeping comfort for three generations. Dependable for everyone. That’s something you can rely on.

Each and every day, we make a contribution towards the wellbeing and health of our customers by providing them with the very best in quality sleep systems. As a family company, this genuinely human approach is firmly in our DNA and is an essential part of our sustainability policy. This vision lives and breathes in our organisation and is expressed in long-term collaboration with all of our stakeholders.

Our objective is to care for you, each other and your night’s sleep. We are very much aware that of the fact that our people are our greatest asset. Our role is to inform and inspire others by passing on our knowledge and expertise about sleep systems, in a carefully considered way, to the next generation. We are also willing to take responsibility for continuing to develop ourselves and to play a pioneering role in terms of sustainable development. This is all part of our desire, to deal with care with our staff in every decision we take and in doing so to build long-term, sustainable relationships. Respect, accountability, inclusivity and integrity are deeply rooted in our culture. We are also careful to ensure everyone has the right work/life balance. For us, sustainability means helping one another to grow. Bringing the best out of everyone. For that reason, we are constantly investing in a motivating work environment, where our employees are given the space they need to take the initiative and to achieve personal fulfilment. A place where there is room for every talent.

Clear impact

As a family company, filled with ambition, we dare to dream big. We have already taken our first steps and, as such, we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, while limiting our waste to the minimum. We want to have a positive impact by striving for a transparent, green approach in our sector. In doing so, we promote the use of high-quality, sustainable materials and cutting-edge technologies. By optimising our production processes, our aim is to become a CO2-neutral company and we hope – in conjunction with our partners – to make our own small contribution to a better, conscious world.

We aim to create products for a better world and in doing so, we are working our way towards being a CO2-neutral company in which we deal sustainably with the raw materials we use. We also make every effort to use materials that are reusable: even when it reaches the end of its useful life, every component still has a value and can be repurposed.

As a brand and manufacturer of beds, we seek to take on the role of a leader and to make a positive impact in our sector. To help care for our planet, we only use high-quality, sustainable materials, coupled with cutting-edge technologies. We also optimise our production processes, monitor transport movements and go looking for alternatives that will limit our waste to the minimum. From the active role we play, we seek to challenge our stakeholders to innovate along with us. By demonstrating that doing business can also be sustainable, we aim to be an example for others. For this reason, we establish targeted partnerships that become important links in the whole process: from raw material to end product.

Conscious product

As a result of our many years of experience and expertise, we have succeeded in creating the best possible night’s sleep for you. Our departure point is quality for everyone at an appropriate price. Our beds are not only a pleasure to look at, but they are also functional and focused on your ergonomic needs. Our own workshop is driven by innovation and consciously brings in sustainable alternatives. We develop sleeping comfort which, over time, is 100% circular. Our vel_you circular sleeping system is an outstanding example of this. We will not rest until the circle has been totally squared.

Thanks to our years of investment in knowledge development and innovation, we are able to create smart products that contribute to a good night’s sleep geared to your aesthetic, functional and ergonomic needs. We are constantly searching for the most efficient techniques and production processes, such as no-glue assembly, modular fastening techniques and sustainable material alternatives. We strive to develop mattresses, box springs and sleep systems that are 100% circular over time. Our development team always begins with an eco-design. And, naturally, stylish design also remains a priority. Patented technologies, such as our no-glue pocket springs and the vel_you circular sleep systems are unique, tangible examples of this. Vel_you is also our benchmark for making our entire collection 100% circular by 2040. That is what drives us forward – and we are convinced that we will succeed in our objective. Total circularity and modularity are the number one aim of our flourish company.


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